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The Perfect Gift Does Exist….And It’s Nothing Short Of Unconditional Love

When you are looking for an impressive gift for the woman who knows you best, a girlfriend who always has your back or the woman who raised you, a gift card will not do. Sometimes a little splurging is necessary when you’re looking for that perfect gift, and Pearl de Floré has luxury gifts that are well worth the splurge. These luxury gifts will make you excited to spoil your loved one because they are simply, flawlessly perfect.

Rose by no other name – but hers

It has been said that ‘Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom’. When you give the gift of luxury preserved rose bouquet, this bloom lasts forever and evokes precious memories for eternity. A lush bouquet of perfectly blossomed roses in a choice of black, white, or pink colors brings elegance and splendor to the everyday life of your loved one. And this luxury is easy to maintain – no water, no sunlight, just eternal beauty.

Each one of these roses was hand-picked at their peak bloom and freshness and had undergone a careful and gentle preservation process so they can beautify your surroundings for a long time, always looking fresh and perfect. Paired with impeccable luxurious white boxes or clear acrylic, embraced by a silky ribbon that ties into a bow – our preserved rose bouquets are the most exquisite magical gift you could surprise your loved one with.

If your vision of a perfect gift entails even more timeless beauty, you can curate the perfect gift set using our selection of quality fragrances, scented candles, decadent confections, or luxury skincare. We take care of all the finer, exquisite details.

Skin that glistens like a diamond

Luxury skincare products often have the packaging to die for and that looks very extravagant on your vanity. However, premium skincare is more than simply beautiful jars – it offers superior value because it works. For instance, look at the ingredients. Pearl de Floré luxury skincare uses science and quality ingredients to create skincare that is effective and simple. Pearl de Flore was created to empower you to take the best care of your skin.

If you’d like to brighten your loved one’s day with more than a gorgeous bouquet of roses, you can complement it with luxury skincare products, such as the glowing Le Rose Bio-Active Vitamin C Serum, Orchidée Double Defense Skin Shield with SPF 30. Or, if she is a well-versed beauty connoisseur, opt for a more daring and irresistible Noir instant wrinkle treatment Syringe. You will leave her speechless.

The perfect gift does exist, and we have it

Sometimes you need an occasion, but why wait for it? Every day is the perfect occasion to brighten up someone’s day, or make your loved one feel youthful, and illuminated. Whether you decide on a luscious bouquet or innovative formula that makes skin glow – it is you who will end up being the perfect gift. Note to the visual perfectionist (we expect nothing less from you) – all of our products are color coordinated, so no matter which luxury products you choose, colors will always match. How perfect is that?

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