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Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated Overnight

What could be better than finally falling face-first on your bed after a long day? Waking up to skin softer than the pillows you slept with. Flaky and dry are two words you don’t want your face to be described as, and praying on the skincare gods simply won’t do. As with everything in life, we have to work hard to achieve a healthier complexion. As important as getting enough sleep at night for healthy-looking skin, you need to back it up with the appropriate skin hydration. Or else that beauty sleep will all be for nothing!

If you think you can finally lay off the SPF as we go into the winter days, then you’re in for a cold slap of truth: you have to protect your skin no matter the weather! Temperature plays a vital role on your skin- knowing what your next steps should be is the key to keeping your skin from drying and cracking. Just as the harsh summer sun dehydrates the skin, so does winter.

It is incredibly tempting to go for a nice hot shower after freezing the whole day, but that won’t help your skin in the long run. If you want to end the day refreshed, opt for shorter showers, it’ll be over before you know it and your skin will thank you later! In addition, try not to push your skin to the brink of irritation with harsh soaps: this goes for even after winter.

It would just generally be a smarter move, preventing your easily sensitive skin from getting exposed to negative aggressors.

After that chilly shower, we know it would be tempting to dry as quickly as possible but consider applying moisturizer when the skin is still a bit damp. This way, you lock in moisture more efficiently. You can also consider using a facial mask for a more relaxing time. Specifically, an overnight facial mask if you are committed to a top-tier hydration routine.

Your space is also a crucial element in how your skin will recuperate; after accumulating all that grime paired with the cold and dry air. If you have a humidifier lying around, it’s time to get your essential oils and favorite scents ready. Because another way to keep your skin hydrated is to balance the moisture of your room.

Face oils and night creams can also be your best friend for your nighttime regimen. Consider ones specifically formulated to seep into your skin as it goes into repair for the night. Consider creams with ingredients such as Shea Butter that work to moisturize and soothe the skin- our Le Rośe Night Hydration Therapy has that and more! It’s just asking to be added to your powerful mix of a hydrating recipe.

All this to say, remember to consider that changes in your surroundings and environment can affect you in many ways, including physically. These are just some things that you can add or change to your routine if necessary. And the most important of all, keep it simple. A few products can already do wonders; piling on different products may just set you back from your goals. Check for quality ingredients that contain gentle properties that won’t dry out or cause irritation to your beautiful face.

Try things out, keep the most necessary products and leave the rest for another day or another season. It is all about what works for you and what your skin needs!

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