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Drawing The Line At Fine Lines: What To Do About Wrinkles

The one true thing in life is: we have no control over how much time passes. And with time comes the inevitable changes our bodies go through. Age should be connected with the celebration of a long victorious path to overcoming the challenges that come our way. But it is understandable if that would be hard when we are so fixated with the lines and wrinkles that seem to keep adding up on our faces.

Being the most common issue that is brought up about the skin, it is surprising that a lot of people still don’t have a grasp as to what exactly may be the reason for their deepening lines. Wrinkles come naturally with age, but many other factors influence the formation of these lines. And even the overall health of our skin. Skin loses the ability to bounce back! From pollutants, dietary consumption, and lack of protection from the skin- making the skin loose and more susceptible to damage due to slowed-down production of collagen.

The sun, every skin type’s worst enemy. No matter what season rolls around or what kind of skin you have, sun protection is definitely a must! Out or not, these rays are still giving your skin a hard time. This type of damage will definitely not help with the lines already making a home on your face. Help make it less visible by using sunscreen with SPF 30 (anything lower will not do much!) and moisturizer to keep your skin from drying up.

You can follow up with cosmetic products that contain ingredients that promote collagen productions or are anti-inflammatory. Products that contain peptides, retinol, or Vitamin A are ingredients you should look out for when dealing with premature skin aging. Options for procedures that deal with these specific skin issues are out there but there are also non-invasive aids such as our Noir Instant Wrinkle Treatment Syringe which sounds scarier than it looks. It contains all of the above along with sweet almond oil that soothes and brightens the complexion, making it feel and look healthier.

A healthy diet is beneficial in many ways! cutting back on alcohol, processed, sugary foods, and carb-heavy dishes will make a difference on your skin and your well-being as a whole. They are called “junk food” for a reason, and although a little indulgence here and there might not do you in, regular consumption will lead to inflammation of your skin and other complications.

Try to get some sleep, and we are saying the right amount of sleep here- around 7 to 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep already causes dark circles under your eyes, you wouldn’t want to add crow’s feet with it.

All of this advice is aimed towards a more confident you. It is normal to feel self-conscious about physical changes, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to help ease them. Especially if it will benefit your health in a magnitude of ways. But acceptance will be the key that unlocks the door to a happier you. These will just be the tools that can become your stepping stone towards it!

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