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We Found An Easier Path to Expressing Love

We know firsthand how rewarding it is to finally get your hands on the perfect gift. It is incredibly satisfying to see the ones you love happy, and that is a gift to treasure in its own right. But we also know it’s not that easy because love takes its form in many different ways and is found within warm memories you have shared. In short, it isn’t one size fits all, but we wondered if it could be.

Whether an occasion calls for it or not, it is hard to find a unique gift.

Even with the growing amount of stores! Physical ones, and online, it is still tough to find that gift, the one that moves them and represents the culmination of your love for them. How do you express that in flowers that wilt easy or pre-made letters with cheesy lines written on the front? Frankly, that is all good and well, but there has to be a better way.

Our struggle continued- the team had trouble choosing between giving someone a grand gesture or a humble yet personal tailor-made gift. We all agreed both were great ideas, but the price won’t hold weight if it’s impersonal and handmade presents aren’t for everyone. So now our mission is to combine the charm and sentiment with quality and pizazz.

And we are proud to tell you what we did.

Pearl de Flore was born from wanting to express and share our love with a wow factor without losing that personal touch. We wanted to give the classic bouquet of flowers a new spin by making it everlasting, just how love should be. And our forever flowers can be customized with luxury skincare, quality fragrances, scented candles, plush animals, and luscious confections.

True, genuine love is as rare as a pearl that shimmers through your darkest days. Our team encourages you to not only spread love to others as much as you can but store a little extra for yourself today and every day.

“If You Love Someone, The Greatest Gift You Can Give Them Is Pearl de Flore”

The search for the perfect  gift is over, and we are excited to help you create it!

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